Ernesto Lacayo

I'm a clinical psychologists with studies in childhood psychology, neuroeducation and early intervention. I also work with young adults in online therapy sessions including evaluations and a PDF format results signed by me.

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I’m a 25 year old clinical psychologist, obtained my degree at the Central American Technological University which is the most con-decorated private university in Honduras (my hometown). Later on I worked at several companies, mostly in the HR Department until I started to build on my profession as a clinical psychologist and focused mainly on that matter. Since 2019, I’m working as a clinical psychologist and have treated different issues in different age range. 

Currently, I’m based in Spain, Madrid specifically, getting my Masters degree in Neuroeducation and Skill Optimization. This degree allows me to treat patients who have suffered from brain damage or are born with a medical condition that requires professional intervention. 

I enjoy working with children mostly, thats my area of expertise. Nevertheless, I’m capable and fully qualified to treat any patient that comes to me asking for help. 

Additional Details

  • Male
  • Spanish
  • 2018
  • Yes
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Neuropsychology, Person-Centered
  • Latino American
  • Individual, Online
  • 18-30