Muram Faroug (M.A. Psycology)

I had PHD in Psychology , Master degree in Special needs and Bachelor degree honor in Counseling and Health Psychology with experience as Psychologist , counseling and Psychotherapy and School Counseling

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I Had PHD in Psychology , Master Degree in Special Needs and Bachelor  degree in Counselling and Health Psychology 

I had Professional Accreditation Certificate in Psychology from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties .

I attend many Courses and Training Program : Autistic Spectrum Strike Specialist  , Diagnosis Learning Disabilities + Strategies and Methods of Teaching Children , Stanford Bennies Standard (5th PIC) , Basic and Skills Intervention with Children with Learning Disabilities .

I had more experience as Psychologist , School Counselor , Counseling and Psychotherapy

I had Publication of a Scientific Paper

I have been attended  and participated the 6th Annual National Conference also participation in an Awareness Program to Guide the Community and Families with Special Needs  

Additional Details

  • Female
  • English, Arabic
  • 2005
  • No
  • 20253482
  • Behavioral, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Developmental, Family Systems, Play Therapy, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Relational Psychotherapy, Self Psychology
  • Muslim
  • Individual, Couple, Webinars, Online
  • 30-50