Oly Doroshev

Helping people grow self-awareness, awaken and heal the wounded aspects of the self and lead a fulfilling life of inner freedom and creativity. Working with anxiety, depression, crisis, life transitions, sense of self, spirituality, repairing boundaries, and building meaningful relationships with the self and others.

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I am a passionate explorer of the nature of reality, the human mind, and its rich nature. Through consilient frameworks of science, interpersonal neurobiology, contemplative practice, clinical training, and, most importantly, a kind and radically accepting human presence, I endeavor to create a nurturing and safe space where healing and personal growth towards wholeness and well-being take place.

I invite people to tap into their innate wisdom and let it be an unshakable inner compass guiding them towards a meaningful life enfused with joy and resilience.

Some of the common life challenges I work with include anxiety, depression, life transitions, sense of self, spiritual awakening challenges, repairing boundaries, and building mutually reciprocal nourishing relationships with the self and others.

Additional Details

  • 18-30
  • African American
  • Yes
  • 1980
  • Male