Sakshi Rana

Bachelors degree in Applied psychology from Cardiff Metropolitan University(UK)

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As I studied bachelor’s degree in Applied psychology from Cardiff Metropolitan University(UK). I did volunteer work in some NGOs,  such as Babes Pregnancy in Singapore(we usually talk with young girls around 15 or above who are pregnant at their young ages), the Ashman foundation( its something like we need to do some tasks and it’s a kind of unpaid internship) in India and the vandervella foundation( this internship I love the most as I was so busy with my clients who are suffering from severe depression, mood disorder, insomnia and so many mental health issues, here I did some counselling work as a counsellor) in India. As I enjoyed my work so that we can see in my work too, it will be a great opportunity if I get a chance to work with you people in future.

Additional Details

  • Female
  • English, Hindi
  • Yes
  • Art Therapy, Behavioral
  • Asian
  • Individual, Online
  • 18-30