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Online therapy in Lagos

The people of Lagos, Nigeria are constantly striving to find a way to improve their health and education. One such way that they have found is by utilizing the services of online therapists who charge a monthly fee for their service. The major benefit of this type of therapy is that it’s available 24/7 at any time that the person needs it.

It has also been seen to help in building self-confidence. It is also good for people who feel ostracized, lonely, or isolated because it breaks barriers between therapist and client. Therapy can be very helpful in dealing with trauma. It’s also helpful when the individual is overwhelmed with demands in their life.

People who have found it useful include students, young professionals, and business people. With time constraints in their schedules, they don’t always have the time to go for therapy during office hours. This way, an individual can get counseling at any point in time.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.     

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Mental Health in Lagos

It was estimated that 1.75 million people were affected by mental health conditions in Lagos, Nigeria in 2006.

Out of this , 500,000 had severe mental illness.

A total of 1,890 psychiatrists served the Nigerian population at this time. Among these were physicians, clinical psychologists and psychiatric nurses.

The first research on mental health in Nigeria was done on 130 patients who visited a psychiatric outpatient clinic. 53% of them suffered from depressive disorders while 30% were diagnosed with anxiety-related conditions – most often generalised anxiety disorder. Furthermore, 12% had somatic complaints like head ache, pain and fatigue which may indicate they suffered from psychosomatic disorders or chronic pain syndromes. Finally 8% were thought to be addicted to drugs or alcohol, 5 % displayed psychotic behaviour and 3 % had epilepsy (Ragab et al., 2010).

“Nigeria is in the process of establishing a national mental health policy. There are only three psychiatric hospitals with an estimated 150-200 beds each.” (Global Initiative for Psychiatry)


Best Therapists in Lagos

Dr. Udofa

This therapist is well known for their specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They are open on Saturdays, which is generally seen as the busiest day for therapists. They also offer other services such as relationship counseling and general counseling.

Dr. Esther

This therapist has worked with many people that have mental health issues. They claim to believe that they can treat any mental health issue, but they do admit to not treating physical illnesses. Dr. Esther does not start off by offering one-on-one sessions, if their patients need it they will up it to an individual session instead of group therapy or combination therapy. They are quite popular amongst their patients due to them using self-help books alongside their traditional methods to sure that everybody gets something out of it.

Dr Mary Anselmo

This therapist has patients from all over the world, so they have a very diverse approach to their patients. They often work with people that are struggling with depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Dr. Mary is very popular amongst her peers as she constantly advocates for mental health issues during public events. She also does not believe in restricting diets as long as it is healthy, she will try to see if working with a patient’s personal physician can achieve some benefits as well.

Dr Juliet Okolie

This therapist focuses more on cognitive behavioral therapy specifically on those who suffer from clinical depression. She claims to be able internalize the feelings of every person she works with through CBT which helps them become aware of their emotions and how to control them. She will work with the individual to make treatment plans that go beyond CBT such as art therapy and meditation, she is also known for her study of different techniques during group therapy sessions.

Dr John Naah

Dr. John is an unorthodox therapist who does not believe in restricting diets nor he believes in medication because it doesn’t solve anything long-term. He has worked with patients that have eating disorders for a very long time now, helping them learn healthy relationship patterns so they can deal with their issues at hand without resorting to self-harm or starvation. He also specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy but he tends to take more of the form of playfulness where he makes use of positive reinforcement during his sessions.

Types of therapists in Lagos

  • Relationship therapists in Lagos
  • – Marriage counselors in Lagos
  • – Divorce counselors in Lagos
  • – Family counselors in Lagos
  • – Child therapists in Lagos
  • – Teen therapists in Lagos
  • – Anxiety therapists in Lagos
  • Depression therapists in Lagos
  • – Stress therapists in Lagos
  • – LGBTQ therapists in Lagos
  • – ADHD therapists in Lagos
  • – Addiction therapists in Lagos
  • – Sex therapists in Lagos
  • – Employee therapists in Lagos
  • – PTSD therapists in Lagos
  • – Bipolar therapists in Lagos
  • – Insomnia therapists in Lagos
  • – Panic Attacks therapists in Lagos
  • – OCD therapists in Lagos

Common types of therapies in Lagos

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Most common therapy approach in Lagos is where the therapist challenges your negative thoughts about you and the world. He tries to alter unwanted behaviors or treat disorders such as depression.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Second most common therapy approach in Lagos is which the therapists teach behavioral skills (mindfulness & emotion regulation) to help clients enhance motivation. DBT is often used for mental health issues including eating disorders, PTSD, personality disorder, self-harming notions.

Existential Therapy

3rd most common therapy treatment in Lagos focuses on self-actualization in the face of people’s challenges. Existential therapy aids clients in confronting hard and distressing truths about life and death.

Other therapy approaches include:

ACT Therapy in Lagos, Art Therapy in Lagos, Behavioral Therapy in Lagos, Contemplative Therapy in Lagos, Play Therapy in Lagos, EMDR Therapy in Lagos, Emotionally Focused Therapy in Lagos, Existential Therapy in Lagos, Experiential Therapy in Lagos, Gestalt Therapy in Lagos, Hypnotherapy Therapy in Lagos, Music Therapy Therapy in Lagos, Narrative Therapy in Lagos, Psychodynamic Therapy in Lagos, Psychoanalytic Therapy in Lagos, and Somatic Therapy in Lagos.


Psychologists or therapists in Lagos help people understand and handle different life problems and mental health issues.

They diagnose and treat mental disorders, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.

You should expect to pay between $100 and $250 for a face-to-face therapy session with a Lagos area therapist.  Online therapy in Lagos is relatively affordable and therapists charge between $30 to $ 150. You can book both online and face-to-face sessions with a therapist in Lagos via MantraCare.

In case you are looking for free therapists or free therapy, you can choose to call the Lagos free helpline number. There are a few online therapy options that can be free or low-cost. At MantraCare, therapy can cost you as low as $10.

Anyone interested in working as a therapist or counselor in the Lagos area must earn at least an accredited master’s degree in counseling or social work. Lagos also has some continuing education requirements, and every counselor or therapist is required to know all the rules and laws that pertain to their profession.

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